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Date: 22-Nov-2007/1:55

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Need help with something tricky, that only someone with a lot of full-spectrum computer experience can do? Let me introduce myself.
I'm first and foremost a C++ developer, focused on what would be called "Modern C++" (in the sense of the word as used by Andrei Alexandrescu). My motivation is to apply the language and its type safety to maintainable systems that are verified for correctness in every way possible—before a single line of code starts running. But another big area of interest for me is how domain-specific languages can increase productivity by adapting the language of the tool to the language of the problem space. I enjoy teaching, consulting, and coding in service of these goals.
I've been programming since BASIC on the Osborne 1, and 6502 machine code...without an assembler! With a degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and experience working at Microsoft Research Labs (as well as on the SQL Server and Access products), I know both about how to future-proof a design and how to meet practical deadlines. I've consulted independently with Evernote Corporation and Oblong Industries, and done some other things for people you haven't heard of. :-)
As an open source activist, I keep on top of modern trends and tools...like GitHub and Trello. Yet with a heavy skepticism on lock-in and experience spotting hype, I can help steer people toward solutions that borrow the best of the old world and the new. As a 10K+ reputation moderator on StackOverflow, you can see how I work with people to solve their problems, as well as how I will not spend long banging my head against a problem if leveraging the experience of others is a better solution.
I believe in institutional knowledge and leaving detailed tracks, so that I do not make a project perpetually dependent on information that is locked up in my brain. Documenting quickly and clearly is of great importance to me... whether I'm going down the rabbit hole of GNU libc to explain printf's workings, helping someone with an esoteric bug in a system I don't even use, or designing unusually specialized graph data structures. My notes as I work are part of my daily deliverable.
As evidenced by how much time I donate to the Internet and Open Source projects...I'm a firm believer that money has a lot to do with the roots of evil. So it's a fairly poor reason to do one thing instead of another. Yet I need to eat, and I happen to like sushi. That stuff isn't cheap!
But until we solve the money problem, if you just happen to have some and want a consultation from the Fork—(or even if you just have a problem and no money)—send a rough description of the issue to brian@hostilefork.com. I'll analyze what you've got and give you whatever free advice I can initially. After that we'll see where it goes...! I can work remotely, and can also travel on-site to help you and your team if necessary.
Currently I am considering full-time opportunities in Europe if they involve work visas and relocation assistance (and don't mind that I only speak English and Spanish at the moment).

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